Maria and the Stars of Nazca
   María y las Estrellas de Nazca
written by Anita Jepson-Gilbert
translated by Carmen A. Casis


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Maria and the Stars of Nazca / María y las Estrellas de Nazca

by Anita Jepson-Gilbert

From Denver, CO

-Thank you so much for opening our eyes to such a magical story.
  I look forward to using your book when I begin teaching.

-Thank you for opening my knowledge of other cultures and lands.

-Your adventure you shared with us was very interesting.
   It makes me want to explore the topic more.

-Thank you for sharing such an interesting story.
  I loved hearing it in Spanish!

-What an amazing idea to bring this story to children.

-Thank you for such a great presentation
  and website with all its activities.

-I am so impressed and intrigued by the lines of Nazca.
  You have such wonderful passion!

-Your creativity inspires!!

from Tucson, AZ

-I loved the way your book Maria and the Stars of Nazca
  invites the readers to feel such gratitude and awe
  in the face of the Transcendent and the mysterious.
  It is lovely! The texturing of the illustrations
  makes it come alive as well.

-Thank you for your mysteries carved, hidden in sand--
  crawling, flying creatures, alive,
  conquering our present.

-Thank you for writing such an inspiring book
  that teaches us to see more than lines.

-Muchas gracias por el libro que para todos nosotros
  se significa mucho. Por lo pronto yo aprendí que
  las lineas significan mucho más de lo que nosotros
  pensamos. Para mí las lineas son como si nos
  conectaran a nosotros mismos.